Ingrown Eyelash What To Do

Eyelashes perform a very important function in a human's body. They serve to protect our eyes from getting into it of litter and small insects. It's a hair that grows on both sides of the eye. Sometimes this hair grows wrong, and we can see the picture of losing eyelashes or its growth in wrong direction. And sometimes eyelashes begin to grow into skin. The disease when there is an ingrown eyelash is called trichiasis.

What are the reasons of such eyelash growth violation?

  1. Blepharitis – the inflammation process in the eyelids' tissues.
  2. Conjunctivitis, especially its chronic form.
  3. Herpetic infection of the eye.
  4. Trachoma – chronic infection disease of the eye caused by chlamydia.
  5. Traumas. Damaging or scar tissue formation in the eye can lead to changing hair follicle's places and ingrowth of the eyelashes.
Ingrown eyelashes cause a lot of inconvenient feelings. It can grow into eyelid tissue or into an eyeball, which causes cornea inflammation and erosion. The best ophthalmologist can do is to investigate your eye and to determine the reason of pathological process appearance and only then to appoint proper treatment.
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